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VPN for Hacking: Which one is the Best?

VPN for Hacking: Which one is the Best?

If you’re not using a VPN in 2018, you might as well stop using public WiFi. In the age of hackers and government censorships, your Internet connection is not safe. Your ISP provider wants to track your data. Some countries won’t allow you to access social media.

The only way to secure your desktop and mobile devices is to use a good VPNs. Hackers already know that, and they use the very best providers for their profession. Whether you are an ethical hacker or a black-hat novice, here are some of the virtual private networks recommended for privacy and security.


Based in Panama, NordVPN keeps zero logs and reliably secures your connection 24/7. The top-rated provider uses military-grade encryption and tunneling techniques for connection. With AES-256 encryption and SHA-384 reinforcement, your data can’t be leaked.

NordVPN has been tested multiple times for DNS leakage. Not a single time has the provider disappointed. Most VPNs slow down your speed. NordVPN offers faster connections than its pricier competitors.Want to pay anonymously with Monero? The Panama-based company accepts all the major cryptocurrencies. You also have the option of paying with PayPal and credit cards. But being aware of their lack of safety, crypto is the better option. The popular provider provides great convenience for hackers looking for variety in server locations. With 4895 servers in 62 countries, you can hack with IP addresses based in dozens of cities.

Dedicated Features for Hackers · Anonymous payments with crypto· Total privacy and security· Fast and reliable connections· Keeps zero logs· Supports 6 devices


Committed to users’ privacy, ExpressVPN is as popular and secure as NordVPN but slightly pricier. Where the Panama-based company charges you $95.75 for 36 months, ExpressVPN charges $99.95 for 12 months.Prices aside, ExpressVPN is the crème de la crème of VPNs. Virtually every PC magazine and hacking related site respect the company. Based in the British Virgin Islands, the company was founded in 2009. It uses advanced encryption and tunneling method to ensure your security is unparalleled. When it comes to safety, very few VPNs are faster than ExpressVPN. Still, most of the speedier providers fall below the British Virgin Islands-based company in every other way. So, not only do you get fast speeds with the best-rated provider, you get great support services and safety. Read a complete review of the company at

CyberGhost Review

Where a VPN is located determines its ability to secure you as a hacker. CyberGhost is based in Romania and although a member of the EU, has strict privacy laws. Companies are allowed to keep users’ logs if they want. But they don’t have to.CyberGhost does not keep any logs for the 15 million+ users it serves. Instead, the company protects users with advanced encryption and tunneling protocols. OpenVPN, IPSec and AES bit 256 are some of the techniques used.Tor and torrenting are enabled, making CyberGhost more secure than any other average VPN. Other features you may value as a hacker is the presence of a kill-switch. Any net interruption can’t give you up. The Kill-switch feature ensures anything you were doing is disconnected with total safety.

While their speeds are not the highest, they’re fast and reliable. You can upload and download unlimited bandwidth with speeds of up to 40MBps. When free, you can stream videos on Netflix and other channels securely. For all the services and spec highlighted, CyberGhost charges $66 a year. Only a few VPNs offer better value for money. And even then, they won’t support 7 devices like CyberGhost does.


What used to be an unreliable VPN provider has a new outlook. For nearly a year, Strong VPN ranks amongst the best providers for hackers. No logs kept, they use advanced encryption and accept crypto payments for anonymity.Coming from a US-based provider, you would think they can’t protect you from the NSA. But with no logs-kept, there is no site you can’t access with the VPN. For a single license, StrongVPN supports 5 devices. With your phone and personal computers, you can access 650+ servers in 46 different cities. StrongVPN claims it does not impose speed limits on users. According to tests done about the provider, the VPN scores an average of 30MBps. For a vendor costing $70 for an annual plan, the speeds are acceptable. Speed aside, the Texas-based VPN uses 256-AES bit for encryption and IKEv2 for tunneling.


If your goal is to stay safe when hacking, SaferVPN is a great option. Israel-based since 2013, the VPN provider serves millions of users with 700+ servers in 35+ countries. As it’s the norm in the industry, the company secures users with 256-AES encryption. It claims not keep logs about your traffic but keeps your IP address, bandwidth used and other services.SaferVPN takes the extra mile of explaining how each of their encryption protocols works. On a visually stunning site, the provider publishes every detail about their VPN services and how they safeguard you. OpenVPN, PPTP, IKEv2, and L2TP are some of the popular protocols described on the website. For an ethical hacker, SaferVPN is worth trying. For anyone else who wouldn’t want to get trouble with authorities; keep off the provider. You can't post indecent materials while using the provider. Your IP address and several other logs are withheld.


While it’s based in Switzerland, VyprVPN is a company built on the backbone of providing privacy to users. Its owners, the Golden Frog, have a history of advocating for Internet privacy. But is their VPN safe enough for hackers?For encryption, the Swiss-based provider supports AES-256 bit. They link your data with their 700+ servers using IPSec and OpenVPN protocols. The company also provides a unique service known as ChameleonTM. With the feature, overriding firewalls in countries like China becomes a breeze.

You might want to watch what you access with the VPN though. VyprVPN keeps logs for 30 days, including your real IP address. Their speeds are great but the company’s policy of keeping some logs limits it to ethical hacking.


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