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Is it worth it to pay for an Antivirus?

Written by Ronny Martelli

All Windows computers come with the firewall security system installed and free Windows defender from Microsoft. Of course, you pay for it when you buy the Windows 10 license. But at least you get free protection for your computer. Do you need extra protection?

There is more to the Internet than viruses. Malware and spyware are more threats to your computer than most viruses. You can remove hundreds of viruses with a free antivirus software, but cracking down malware is where the hard work begins. If you've been thinking about upgrading your PC' security systems, find out whether it's time you invested in a good antivirus.

The Basic Features are Similar

Take any antivirus program with a free and a premium function. The free version can detect common viruses and fix them with ease. The paid plan also does the same. Why pay then? The difference kicks in when you use the free version over an extended period of time.

Many free antiviruses aren’t totally free. The software providers often interrupt you with adverts and requests to upgrade. You get false alerts and programs that may not be viruses are classified as harmful. More dangerous viruses also go unnoticed on free programs. By contrast, the paid versus use elaborate virus detection techniques that detect and neutralize all kinds of viruses.

Protection against Malware and Ransomware

While you can easily neutralize common viruses with a free program, you need a more powerful software to prevent malware attacks. Many free antiviruses don’t offer you protection against malware, one of the biggest online threats.

Without antimalware programs, attackers can sneak malicious files to your PC and wreak havoc. Spyware, for instance, spies your computer usage on behalf of the attackers. The malware can read your passwords and credit cards numbers and send them to the attackers. Worse, your computer can be infected by a ransomware that corrupts all your files until you pay ransom to hackers.

Since viruses aren't the only thing you need to worry about, it's important to have software that prevents a variety of threats. A good program may cost $100 or less but will protect you against malware, viruses and all other computer threats.

Differences in Features

Every antivirus company with free and paid versions provide more services to the paying customers. It’s only logical after all. When you pay for an antivirus, you get services like antimalware protection. The ads that were rampant on the free software are also removed.

Other services paying customers get to include the privilege to protect multiple computers devices with a single license. You get access to the company's customer support services, including the option to call or video chat with them.

Some of the extra features accorded to premium software buyers aren’t necessary but most of them are. Unless you don't use the Internet, you need protection from malware. You need protection from ransomware and other harmful computer threats. Without such protection, you never know when your computer could be targeted by attackers.

If you buy any of the top 10 antiviruses in the world, you get crucial security features many antiviruses can’t offer you. One such feature is an anti-spam protection that ensures attackers don’t send you malware in the most deceiving ways. Many of the programs have unique services. Find the best-rated antiviruses here, Learn what each offers to choose the best.

Some companies give you an enhanced control panel that lets you monitor how your kids use their smart devices. On the panel, you can block access to sites you don't want your kids visiting and get alerts of what they browse.

Avoid Expensive Repairs

When you have important files and programs on your computer, you can't do without a quality antivirus anti-program. The cost of retrieving damaged computer files can be more expensive than buying a new PC at times. If you are hit with ransomware on your office's computer, the ransom asked could be worth thousands of dollars.

You can avoid dealing with expensive repairs by protecting your computer before damage occurs. The high-level damage caused by ransomware and malware can't be prevented by free antivirus programs. It takes the best security systems to protect your PC.

For office situations, securing your computer programs and files may take more than an antivirus. Backing up your files on secure flash drives helps you have a backup for your files should hackers breach your passwords. Steering clear of unsafe websites, setting strong passwords and scanning your PC for viruses regularly can go a long way in keeping your protected.

Prevent Identity Theft

Identity theft is on the rise. In India, 19 people are victimized every minute. Most scammers find information about you online. By sending spyware to you, the attackers can get your credit card numbers and other financial data.

With the right information, scammers can steal your identity and use it to acquire loans, shop online and commit other crimes. To the authorities, your identity was used and you can be sued for it. A good antivirus program can protect you from identity theft by blocking malicious files and websites.

Some programs also secure your passwords and block any use of your passwords on any other computer apart from others. As you can expect, the service comes at a fee but it’s worth paying for.

Improving User Experience

Malware and adware reduce your computer's performance. Some antiviruses also have the same effect. But a good antivirus is better than a malware attack any day. With malware on your PC, its performance slows down. Some programs shut down unexpectedly. Some software lags and the general user experience is low.

A good computer antivirus keeps your PC working at its best. It also doesn't affect your computer's performance. Hunt for the best antimalware program if you want good security services without a negative impact on your PC's performance.

To Conclude

Many antivirus programs online provide free trials or completely free versions. You can scan and remove minor viruses with the free software. For better protection, buying an antivirus program is worth every penny. You are protected from all computer threats both online and offline. You get quality technical services and can always cancel your subscription at any time.


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