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Security Precautions You Should Take Before Playing Live Casino Online

Playing at online casinos has become incredibly popular over the last decade, and as with all things that become regular occurrences in our lives, it can become easy to start overlooking the basics.

This is particularly true when it comes to security, as we tend to assume that popular online casinos provide all the security we could ever need. Assuming a third party will keep our information safe is always problem number one when it comes to internet security, so here we’ll be going over three simple security measures we should all put in place before playing live casino games.

Install a VPN

We cannot stress this enough – a VPN is the fastest, easiest way to secure your internet activity. Whether you’re browsing the web, reading your emails or visiting online casinos, a VPN works to keep your privacy intact, your activity anonymous and your information safe from hackers.

A VPN is particularly important when you’re sharing personal information such as bank details on the web, something that most online casino players do. Fortunately, many online casinos provide all the information you could need to ensure you feel secure. For instance, if you go to play live casino games on, they provide a detailed explanation on how to register and deposit right on their homepage, as well as a number of secure payment options that you can choose from including Visa, Neteller and Skrill. There’s no doubt that the casino has plenty of security, but even so, that information may be bounced around more than you’d like. With a VPN, that information is not only sent straight to a server and back again with no detours, but it is also encrypted.

By using a VPN you are adding that extra, impenetrable layer of security to your personal information, thereby ensuring that you do not become a victim to hackers.

Go Incognito

Though a VPN already allows you to view the web without being tracked by your ISP, hackers or the government, you can take this a step further. Web browser Toris beloved by anyone who wants to truly go under the radar and keep their information safe. The free browser takes your traffic on a mad journey across servers worldwide, making it pretty much impossible for anyone to ever trace the traffic back to you. This is an extreme addition, involving a dive five levels down - to the internet's bottommost layer - and due to the nature of the browser it can be quite slow, but it really will keep your information incredibly secure.

Ensure Your Email Is Secure

With so many high-tech security measures to consider and install, it can sometimes lead to the basics being ignored or forgotten. Since your email is your online hub for information, accounts and pretty much everything else, it is absolutely crucial that you do not forget about its security. After all, if someone manages to get into your email, they can then read the data pertaining to your online casino account and it's pretty much game over.

We know it sounds silly, but always remember to have strong passwords protecting your email account – you’d be amazed by how many peoplestill use “password” or “123456” as their email passwords. Also, ensure you have plenty of security questions that you can answer and specific registered devices that you use.

There are, of course, always other methods, but these three are the general security measures everyone should consider before sharing their details online. By putting these measures in place, you ensure that you can focus on your casino games completely and have fun, without the fuss.


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