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Protecting Your Business Against Cyber Threats

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

The internet has made business so much easier, especially for smaller establishments who would not have even had the chance to exist if it had not been for the rapid development of eCommerce.

Unfortunately, as is true in every other situation that involves money and success, there is a dark side that online businesses should be trying harder to protect themselves from. As we near the end of another year that was filled to the brim with increasing online threats to small and large businesses alike, let’s get through some of the basics that the average online business owner should be aware of by now but isn’t.

Go with a Complete Solution

As the name suggests, there is no better way to protect a company against cyber threats from every angle than going with a complete and comprehensive security service that is capable of offering enterprise-grade protection. While isn’t exclusive to Australia, its services are used by multiple SMEs throughout the country to protect against cyber threats comprehensively.

Complete cybersecurity solutions will take care of pretty much every area that you could imagine your business needing. This includes detecting and closing security gaps on a regular basis, keeping every form of malware protection updated, and finding and taking out fake profiles, pages, or businesses created in the client’s name.

Security Audits are Necessary

Security audits are necessary even if you do have a complete solution as they need to be performed by an independent, reputed, outside party to be effective. Audits are particularly important if your company doesn’t have a team dedicated to cybersecurity of its own or has hired the services of the same externally.

As one may already be able to guess, a cybersecurity audit simply ascertains the points of weakness, the quality of security in-place, and advises you on any additional measures you may need for further reinforcing the corporation’s current security measures.

Two-factor Authentication: A Basic and Yet So Effective Way to Prevent Hacks

A two-factor authentication system simply implies that, each time an employee or an executive decides to log into the system, they will have to first enter a password and then enter an OTP, or one-time password, which will be delivered to the secured and registered mobile number of the employee/executive only. The OTP will expire within a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the particular situation. It’s basic and inexpensive, but remains pretty rare in Australia.

Education and Training in Basic Cybersecurity is Compulsory

Education and training regarding basic cybersecurity practices should be compulsory for any and all employees/executives who have any amount of active access to the system.

The constant threat of scams, phishing attacks, malware attacks, direct hacks, and leaks is looming over every online business in existence today, and once again, not enough businesses are taking adequate measures to keep those threats at bay. Hopefully, more corporations will soon start to take cybersecurity more seriously, or we may see these criminals run even more companies out of business.


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