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Don’t Get Hooked (Phishing) -

It is a great day to go phishing on the internet! Everyday more people get hooked. Watch this video to reel in. 

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Infopocalypse -

Stay safe when being social and beware of those social media zombies! Website: Email: Twitter:. 

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Secure Passwords, Don’t Do It To Be Cool -

You may think that you can’t be secure, but you can. Protect yourselves and your passwords. Music: Website:. 

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How Do I Protect Against External Attacks?

By Aamir Lakhani | On Sat, Dec 20th, 2014 - No Comments »

The network layer Network layer security focuses on external threats that are able to bypass the firewall layer. Your FortiGate has two main features that deal with these threats: the Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and Denial of Service (DoS) protection. What are IPS and DoS protection? IPS protects your network by actively seeking and blocking external threats before they can reach your. 

The Ed Tech Conundrum

By Chris Dawson | On Fri, Dec 19th, 2014 - No Comments »

If our kids spent as much time studying as they do bypassing firewalls, we’d be cranking out Rhodes Scholars left and right. I spent several years as one of those all-too-typical public school tech guys. I taught math and science most of the time and had an extra period off during the day to handle every bit of technology in the school. Desktops, laptops, servers, network infrastructure,. 

Help Net Security 2015 Predictions

By Blog | On Thu, Dec 18th, 2014 - No Comments »

n 2014, we witnessed the rise of POS malware and ransomware, more targeted, advanced evasion by both cyber crooks and hackers backed by nation states, and government grade malware going mainstream (bolted-on to ransomware and financial Trojans). So, what can we expect in 2015? According to SentinelOne, OSX and Linux machines will be targeted way more. “The massive adoption of Linux. 

Follow VBA Initiated Infostealer Campaign Exploring Related Malware Actors

By Blog | On Wed, Dec 17th, 2014 - No Comments »

In late October, we began examination of a VBA-initiated Infostealer campaign. This blog post follows up on additional information we gathered on related malware and associated actors. Pivot On Initial Predator Pain Sample C2 In our previous post, we identified two Command and Control (C2) fully qualified domain names (FQDNs) for the initial Predator Pain sample analyzed:[.]uk. 

Man in the Binder: He Who Controls the IPC Controls the Droid

By Blog | On Tue, Dec 16th, 2014 - No Comments »

At Black Hat Europe, Check Point researchers Nitay Artenstein and Idan Revivo presented their new research on what may become the new frontier of mobile malware attacks, “Man in the Binder: He Who Controls the IPC, Controls the Droid.” Nitay and Idan’s research of Android’s unique operating system (OS) architecture showed the potential capture of data and information being stored. 

Let’s Be Fair and Test Technology the Same Way We Use It.

By Blog | On Mon, Dec 15th, 2014 - No Comments »

More than 2.1 million emails are sent and received every second. With high-speed internet as the standard for most organizations, email attachments have become the preferred method to transfer files. Most employees believe that once an email hits their inbox, it has been scanned and is safe to open. But is it? We created the Zero Second test to find out. The best way to evaluate the effectiveness. 

Security At Grandma’s House

By Chris Dawson | On Fri, Dec 12th, 2014 - No Comments »

Even for companies that don’t normally allow users to work from home, the holidays practically beg for remote work…and plenty of security threats. Earlier this week, Fortinet published a blog and infographic on ways to secure your holiday shopping. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are nearly upon us, after all, and if 2014 has taught us nothing else, it’s that retailers are vulnerable.