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DEF CON is canceled! No, really this time – but the show will go on

At first, when I saw DEF CON was cancelled I thought it was the usual annual joke (outside of the year of Covid that it was actually really for real cancelled). The thing is, it was really cancelled this year but now its uncancelled (they have shirts stating this available).

What happened? In short, their contract with Caesars … which has been established for years was suddenly cancelled. This meant no venue IE no show. The good news is that they have signed a new contract with Las Vegas Convention Center.

You can get the details from the register’s post found HERE. There are many reasons why Caesars eventually killed the contract but I love this statement from register’s post …

As one floor manager put it: “We hate you guys – you stay in your hotel rooms and don’t gamble.” To which one of our party responded: “That’s because we studied math at school.” ®

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Ashley Jaz
Ashley Jaz
5 days ago

Common Guys, Its impossible to cancel, stop def con protocol, I think your a little high on flavored CBD since its so cheap to get using grassroots harvest discount code.

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