The Top Apps that Keep Your Device Secure

As a busy student of online MBA courses the last thing you want to worry about is having sensitive information on your mobile device hacked, or dealing with malware and other pesky issues. This is exactly why you should look into apps designed to keep your device secure, without you having to do a thing.

Some Alarming Stats

Now you may be thinking that you’re safe with your apps, you’ve never been hacked, and you can’t imagine it ever happening to you. Arxan, which is one of the top companies working on products that protect against and prevent fraud, hacking, and security issues on desktop and mobile devices, has released some rather alarming stats.

According to their recent study, 53% of free apps in the Apple iOS store have been hacked, 56% of the paid for apps in the Apple iOS store have been hacked, 100% of paid apps in the Google/Android store have been hacked, and 73% of the Google/Android apps in their store have been hacked. With stats like that you can bet that your devices have been hacked at some point, most likely without you even knowing anything has happened.

Protect Your Device

Obviously, the best plan is to protect your device and at least cut down on the amount of hacking that is happening. Because you’re busy with your MBA courses, finding time to secure and then stay on top of this security can seem pretty much impossible. By installing one of the following apps you’ll be helping to protect your phone without having to stay on top of things and performing the work yourself.


Bitdefender is an app that can be used on your mobile device, whether it is iOS or Android. This one can even be used on your desktop computer. It acts as an all-in-one solution so that you are protected while you browse online, do your mobile banking, and make purchases. It will constantly be looking for malware, even the new forms of it. At the same time, it’s able to look at the apps to make sure there is no other dangerous software in them.

NowSecure Mobile

NowSecure Mobile is another app that works on both iOS and Android platforms. This one will be working in the background to check your network, the operating system, and other areas that can be at risk for security issues. Once installed, you don’t have to worry about it again; it will just carry on in the background silently protecting you the entire time.

The Process Can Be Smooth and Simple

There is no need to stress about how you’ll go about protecting your phone. The above mentioned apps are only a very small snippet of what’s available to users, and many of these apps are free to download. By taking these measures to protect your device, you know you won’t be at risk at having sensitive information hacked and stolen, ending up in the wrong the hands.