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EggShell – iOS and Mac OS X RAT (Remote Access Toolkit)

The Simplicity of EggShell Eggshell is an Apple iOS and Macintosh

The Security profession: Offense vs. Defense

Lately there has been some articles and conversations around the security

Dracnmap Scanning Tool

  GitHub is a great source of software. It is based

Morpheus – Man-in-the-Middle Security tool

Introducing Morpheus Morpheus is a new tool that provides you with

Getting started with a career in Cyber Security and Information Security

The Information Security Profession – Where do I Start? I am

Proactive Hacking to Build Better Security

Fortinet has developed a talented group of security experts and veterans

dnscat2 – DNS Reverse Tunneling thru Secure Networks

Most networks, no matter how highly secured, have vulnerabilities that can

Breaking SSH, VNC, and other passwords with Kali Linux and Hydra

Hydra is a very fast and effective network login cracker. It

Shellter Project – bypassing AV Detection

Shellter is found at the website and is a shellcode

Arachni Web Application Security Framework

Arachni Web Application Security Framework is an open-source Web application scanner