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Cybersecurity Tips For New Businesses

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Launching a new business? This is an exciting time but also one which causes a huge amount of stress because there are so many areas that need work and focus. In today’s day and age, cybersecurity must be a priority for new businesses yet unfortunately it is often an area overlooked by entrepreneurs. Cybercrime can completely devastate a business and an individual and cybercriminals will often target a new business because they know that there is a good chance that there is not much security in place. So, before you launch your company make sure that you are fully protected with the following tips:

Train & Educate Yourself & Staff

Like many areas in life, knowledge is the key to success when it comes to cybercrime. Learn what the latest threats are and how you can stay safe and teach this to any staff that you have. Putting a cybersecurity policy in place is a smart move because this will enforce smart usage of devices.

Set Strong Passwords

Strong, random and complex passwords for all accounts is essential for keeping out hackers. Additionally, it is important to change these passwords on a regular basis. It can be hard to remember all of these passwords which is why it is a good idea to use a password manager to manage.

Limit Access

Employee negligence is one of the biggest causes of cybersecurity breaches. If your new business venture has staff then limiting access so only those that require access to data have it is an intelligent move.

Secure The Website

The company website is an incredibly valuable asset as the digital face of your brand. This can make it a target for cybercriminals which means that you need to use a reputable host like Krystal that offers domain privacy to keep your online identity private.

Invest In Antivirus Software

Antivirus software is essential in the ongoing battle against cybercrime. There are always new threats being developed but high-quality antivirus software which is kept up to date at all times can stop these threats in their track and allow you to operate your business with confidence.

Back Up Data

Important business data should always be backed up to an external device so that you do not lose this if the data becomes stolen, corrupt etc.

Have A Breach Plan

It is unfortunate, but cybercrime is hugely prevalent and new businesses are often victims. It is for this reason why you should speak with an IT consultant who can develop a breach plan for your company so that you can minimize downtime in case an attack occurs. Hopefully this will never have to be used, but having one in place could save your company a fortune.

These tips should help an entrepreneur to secure their business before launch so that they are well protected against the latest cybersecurity threats. This needs to be a priority area when launching a new company because cybercrime is so prevalent and a threat to businesses of all sizes and in all industries. Making sure that you are protected from the get-go will help you to operate with confidence as you enter the market which should help you to find early success.


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