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Turkish Crime Family threatens Apple with Ransom or Apples Accounts Wiped

A group calling themselves the Turkish Crime Family is threatening Apple

First Look – Hak5 Bashbunny – Stealing Credentials + More

I recently posted about Hak5 releasing its latest tool they are

Encrypting The Web To Defend Against NSLs And Government Meddling

There has been lots of chatter around companies placing back doors

10 Most Common Web Security Vulnerabilities

Originally posted by Joseph Muniz, the security blogger Gergely Kalman at

Locky Limps Back into Action After Lull – Ransomware In Email

Originally posted by Joseph Muniz, aka The Security Blogger: For those

This Ransomware Unlocks Your Files For Free If You Infect Others – Popcorn Time!

The Hacker News posted about a  new ransomware called Popcorn time

OAUTH 2.0 Hack Exposes 1 Billion Mobile APPS To Account Hijacking

Joseph Muniz, aka the security blogger wrote a great article on

PoisonTap ($5) Can Hack Your Locked Computer In One Minute

Joseph Muniz, aka the security blogger wrote a great article on

Talos ShadowGate Take Down: Global Malvertising Campaign Thwarted

Cisco’s research team Talos posted a interesting article on their recently

Snagging Creds From Locked Machines With LAN Turtle Or USB Armory

This is a really cool research by Mubix found at room362